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Jim Al-Khalili's Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything


Join Physicist Jim Al-Khalili as he shows us how science gives us insight into the biggest questions of all. How did the universe come into being? How did life start on Earth, and how does it sustain itself? What is the nature of space and time – and how will it all end?


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Revolutions. The ideas that changed the world


In this major new landmark series for BBC Four co-produced by PBS, Jim Al-Khalili explores the extraordinary story of six remarkable inventions: The Aeroplane, The Car, The Rocket, The Smartphone, The Telescope, The Robot. They are familiar, yet hidden within them are thousands of years of thought, struggle, sacrifice, determination and insight.


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The Joy of AI


Jim Al-Khalili looks at how we have created machines that can simulate, augment, and even outperform the human mind – and why we shouldn’t let this spook us.


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Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives


Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity. A fundamental force of nature, gravity shapes our entire universe, sculpting galaxies and warping space and time. But gravity’s strange power


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The Sky at Night Interstellar: The Journey to Proxima b


Interstellar travel has always seemed impossible – the realm of science fiction rather than reality. But that view is now changing. On this month’s Sky at Night the team are joined by Jim al-Khalili t

The Joy of Science

First published April, 2022

Today’s world is unpredictable and full of contradictions, and navigating its complexities while trying to make the best decisions is far from easy. The Joy of Science presents 8 short lessons on how to unlock the clarity, empowerment, and joy of thinking and living a little more scientifically.

Upcoming events

Jim does not have any public events for the remainder of 2021, but will be resuming next year, particularly with events surrounding his latest book that is published in April.