If you're contacting on behalf of someone.

Before getting in touch

Please note that Professor Jim Al-Khalili is not obliged to respond to, or comment on, unsolicited correspondence or emails. This should not be taken as a personal criticism of your, nor a dismissal of your work.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili receives many emails, including physics questions and requests, and therefore am unable to answer many of them due to his busy schedule. He is also not able to provide any evaluations of manuscripts, papers or ‘new theories’ unless submitted through a professional journal.

If you believe you have discovered a new theory or the two-slit experiment (*) then read the below guide:

  • In general, Professor Jim Al-Khalili and most of his academic colleagues do not have the time to read and consider new theories that have not come through the appropriate channels such as requests for review by editors of peer-review journals.
  • It is a departmental policy that academics will not accept unsolicited or unscheduled visits.
  • It is standard protocol in science to submit new ideas, theories or experimental results to peer review journals for assessment. This is part of the scientific method that has been established across the world for centuries; please adhere to this.

To learn more about this visit:

* Two-slit experiment: of quantum mechanics/dark matter/dark energy/ the big bang

Mailing address

If you need to contact the Department of Physics for the University of Surrey please use the below address.

  • Department of Physics, Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, UK